Type Method


Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the device supports picking media using the specified source type.


class func isSourceTypeAvailable(_ sourceType: UIImagePickerController.SourceType) -> Bool



The source to use to pick an image or movie.

Return Value

true if the device supports the specified source type; false if the specified source type is not available.


Because a media source may not be present or may be unavailable, devices may not always support all source types. For example, if you attempt to pick an image from the user’s library and the library is empty, this method returns false. Similarly, if the camera is already in use, this method returns false.

Before attempting to use an UIImagePickerController object to pick an image, you must call this method to ensure that the desired source type is available.

See Also

Setting the Picker Source

class func availableMediaTypes(for: UIImagePickerController.SourceType) -> [String]?

Returns an array of the available media types for the specified source type.

var sourceType: UIImagePickerController.SourceType

The type of picker interface to be displayed by the controller.

enum UIImagePickerController.SourceType

The source to use when picking an image or when determining available media types.