Instance Method


Captures a still image using the camera.


- (void)takePicture;


Use this method in conjunction with a custom overlay view to initiate the programmatic capture of a still image. This supports taking more than one picture without leaving the interface, but requires that you hide the default image picker controls.

Calling this method while an image is being captured has no effect. You must wait until the associated delegate object receives an imagePickerController:didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo: message before you can capture another picture.

Calling this method when the source type of the image picker is set to a value other than UIImagePickerControllerSourceTypeCamera results in the throwing of an NSInvalidArgumentException exception.

See Also

Capturing Still Images or Movies

- startVideoCapture

Starts video capture using the camera specified by the UIImagePickerControllerCameraDevice property.

- stopVideoCapture

Stops video capture.