Type Property


A key containing the URL of the image file.


static let imageURL: UIImagePickerController.InfoKey


The value of this key is a NSURL that you can use to retrieve the image file. The image in this file matches the image found in the originalImage key of the dictionary.

See Also

Editing Keys

static let cropRect: UIImagePickerController.InfoKey

Specifies the cropping rectangle that was applied to the original image.

static let editedImage: UIImagePickerController.InfoKey

Specifies an image edited by the user.

static let livePhoto: UIImagePickerController.InfoKey

The Live Photo representation of the selected or captured photo.

static let mediaMetadata: UIImagePickerController.InfoKey

Metadata for a newly-captured photograph.

static let mediaType: UIImagePickerController.InfoKey

Specifies the media type selected by the user.

static let mediaURL: UIImagePickerController.InfoKey

Specifies the filesystem URL for the movie.

static let originalImage: UIImagePickerController.InfoKey

Specifies the original, uncropped image selected by the user.

static let phAsset: UIImagePickerController.InfoKey

The key to use when retrieving a Photos asset for the image.

static let referenceURL: UIImagePickerController.InfoKey

The Assets Library URL for the original version of the picked item.