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struct InfoKey


Editing Keys

static let cropRect: UIImagePickerController.InfoKey

Specifies the cropping rectangle that was applied to the original image.

static let editedImage: UIImagePickerController.InfoKey

Specifies an image edited by the user.

static let imageURL: UIImagePickerController.InfoKey

A key containing the URL of the image file.

static let livePhoto: UIImagePickerController.InfoKey

The Live Photo representation of the selected or captured photo.

static let mediaMetadata: UIImagePickerController.InfoKey

Metadata for a newly-captured photograph.

static let mediaType: UIImagePickerController.InfoKey

Specifies the media type selected by the user.

static let mediaURL: UIImagePickerController.InfoKey

Specifies the filesystem URL for the movie.

static let originalImage: UIImagePickerController.InfoKey

Specifies the original, uncropped image selected by the user.

static let phAsset: UIImagePickerController.InfoKey

The key to use when retrieving a Photos asset for the image.

static let referenceURL: UIImagePickerController.InfoKey

The Assets Library URL for the original version of the picked item.