The appearance of the keyboard used by a text-based view. Used with the keyboardAppearance property.


enum UIKeyboardAppearance : Int



case `default`

Specifies the default keyboard appearance for the current input method. This constant corresponds to the UIKeyboardAppearance.light value.

case dark

Specifies a keyboard appearance suitable for a dark UI look.

case light

Specifies a keyboard appearance suitable for a light UI look.

static var alert: UIKeyboardAppearance

Specifies a keyboard appearance suitable for an alert panel.

See Also

Configuring the Keyboard Appearance

var keyboardType: UIKeyboardType

The keyboard style associated with the text object.

enum UIKeyboardType

The type of keyboard to display for a given text-based view. Used with the keyboardType property.

var keyboardAppearance: UIKeyboardAppearance

The appearance style of the keyboard that is associated with the text object

var returnKeyType: UIReturnKeyType

The visible title of the Return key.

enum UIReturnKeyType

The text string displayed in the Return key of a keyboard. Used with the returnKeyType property.

var textContentType: UITextContentType!

The semantic meaning expected by a text input area.

struct UITextContentType

Constants that identify the semantic meaning expected for a text-entry area.