Instance Property


An elaborated title that explains the purpose of the key command.


var discoverabilityTitle: String? { get set }


The system uses this property to display information about the command. In iOS, the system displays this title in the discoverability heads-up display (HUD). If this property is nil, the HUD displays the title property.

In Mac apps built with Mac Catalyst, the system displays the discoverability title as a tooltip.

See Also

Getting Information About the Key Command

var title: String

The key command's title.

var image: UIImage?

The key command's image.

var input: String?

The string of characters corresponding to the keys that must be pressed to match this key command.

var action: Selector?

The command's action-method selector.

var modifierFlags: UIKeyModifierFlags

The bit mask of modifier flags that must be pressed to match this key command.

var attributes: UIMenuElement.Attributes

The attributes indicating the style of the key command.

var state: UIMenuElement.State

The state of the key command.