Instance Method


Returns the drawing rectangle for the label’s text.


func textRect(forBounds bounds: CGRect, limitedToNumberOfLines numberOfLines: Int) -> CGRect



The bounding rectangle of the receiver.


The maximum number of lines to use for the label. The value 0 indicates there is no maximum number of lines and that the rectangle should encompass all of the text.

Return Value

The computed drawing rectangle for the label’s text.


Override this method in subclasses that require changes in the label’s bounding rectangle to occur before the system performs other text layout calculations. Use the value in the numberOfLines parameter to limit the height of the returned rectangle to the specified number of lines of text.

This method may be called by the system if there was a prior call to the sizeToFit() or sizeThatFits(_:) method. Note that labels in UITableViewCell objects are sized based on cell dimensions, and not on a requested size.

See Also

Drawing and Positioning Overrides

func drawText(in: CGRect)

Draws the label's text (or its shadow) in the specified rectangle.