A read-only array of term pairs, each in a lexicon entry object, for use by a custom keyboard.


class UILexicon : NSObject


To obtain the lexicon, call the requestSupplementaryLexicon(completion:) method of the UIInputViewController class. This method can be called only from a custom keyboard app extension. A lexicon contains words from various sources, including:

  • Unpaired first names and last names from the user’s Address Book database

  • Text shortcuts defined in the Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts list

  • A common words dictionary

Apple intends for you to consider the words in a lexicon object as supplementary to an autocorrection/suggestion lexicon of your own design. For information on custom keyboards, see Custom Keyboard in App Extension Programming Guide.


Accessing the Lexicon

var entries: [UILexiconEntry]

A read-only array of term pairs for use by a custom keyboard.


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See Also

Custom Keyboard

protocol UITextDocumentProxy

An object that provides textual context to a custom keyboard.

protocol UIInputViewAudioFeedback

A property that enables a custom input or keyboard accessory view to play standard keyboard input clicks.

class UIInputViewController

The primary view controller for a custom keyboard app extension.

class UILexiconEntry

A read-only term pair, available within a lexicon object, for use by a custom keyboard.

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