A read-only term pair, available within a lexicon object, for use by a custom keyboard.


class UILexiconEntry : NSObject


You can employ a lexicon entry by matching user input against the entry’s userInput value, and then inserting into the current text input object the corresponding documentText value. For example, if the user typed the string “iphone”, the lexicon entry with that exact, case-sensitive string in the userInput property has the string “iPhone” in the corresponding documentText property.

In some cases, the documentText string is in a different text script than the userInput string.

For information on custom keyboards, which are based on the UIInputViewController class, see Custom Keyboard in App Extension Programming Guide.


Accessing a Lexicon Entry

var documentText: String

Text to be inserted into a text input object by a custom keyboard, corresponding to the userInput value in the same lexicon entry.

var userInput: String

Text to match, during user input, to provide appropriate output to a text document from the documentText value in the same lexicon entry.


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See Also

Custom Keyboard

protocol UITextDocumentProxy

An object that provides textual context to a custom keyboard.

protocol UIInputViewAudioFeedback

A property that enables a custom input or keyboard accessory view to play standard keyboard input clicks.

class UIInputViewController

The primary view controller for a custom keyboard app extension.

class UILexicon

A read-only array of term pairs, each in a lexicon entry object, for use by a custom keyboard.