An abstract superclass for defining motion-based modifiers for views.


class UIMotionEffect : NSObject


Subclasses of UIMotionEffect are responsible for defining the behavior to apply to a view when motion is detected. They do this by overriding the keyPathsAndRelativeValues(forViewerOffset:) method and returning one or more key paths representing the view properties to modify.

Subclassing Notes

This class is abstract and cannot be instantiated directly. You can use the UIInterpolatingMotionEffect class to implement effects or you can subclass and implement your own effects. If you subclass, your subclass must conform to the NSCopying and NSCoding protocols and must implement the keyPathsAndRelativeValues(forViewerOffset:) method.


Initializing a Motion Effect


Initializes the motion effect to its default state.

Getting the Key Paths

func keyPathsAndRelativeValues(forViewerOffset: UIOffset) -> [String : Any]?

For a given set of offset values, returns the view properties (and corresponding values) to update.


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