Instance Property


A dictionary of additional parameters to include with the action.


var parameters: [AnyHashable : Any] { get set }


Use this dictionary to specify any behavior-specific data for the action. For example, the UIUserNotificationActionBehaviorTextInput behavior supports the UIUserNotificationTextInputActionButtonTitleKey key, which lets you customize the title of the button displayed by the text input interface.

See Also

Configuring the Action’s Behavior

var activationMode: UIUserNotificationActivationMode

The mode in which to run the app when the action is performed.

var isAuthenticationRequired: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the user must unlock the device before the action is performed.

var isDestructive: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the action is destructive.

var behavior: UIUserNotificationActionBehavior

The custom behavior (if any) that the action supports.


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