Instance Property


A Boolean value indicating whether the title should be displayed in a large format.


var prefersLargeTitles: Bool { get set }


When this property is set to true, the navigation bar allows the title to be displayed out-of-line and using a larger font. The navigation item used to build the bar must specify whether it wants its title displayed in the large or small format. Use the largeTitleDisplayMode property to configure the title's appearance.

When the property is set to false, the navigation bar displays the title inline with the other bar button items.

See Also

Customizing the Bar's Appearance

var standardAppearance: UINavigationBarAppearance

The appearance settings for a standard-height navigation bar.

var compactAppearance: UINavigationBarAppearance?

The appearance settings for a compact-height navigation bar.

var scrollEdgeAppearance: UINavigationBarAppearance?

The appearance settings to use when the edge of any scrollable content reaches the matching edge of the navigation bar.

var isTranslucent: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the navigation bar is translucent (true) or not (false).

Legacy Customizations

Customize appearance information directly on the navigation bar object.