Instance Property


The appearance settings for a standard-height navigation bar.


@NSCopying var standardAppearance: UINavigationBarAppearance { get set }


The default value of this property is an appearance object containing the system's default appearance settings.

See Also

Customizing the Bar's Appearance

var prefersLargeTitles: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the title should be displayed in a large format.

var compactAppearance: UINavigationBarAppearance?

The appearance settings for a compact-height navigation bar.

var scrollEdgeAppearance: UINavigationBarAppearance?

The appearance settings to use when the edge of any scrollable content reaches the matching edge of the navigation bar.

var isTranslucent: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the navigation bar is translucent (true) or not (false).

Legacy Customizations

Customize appearance information directly on the navigation bar object.

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