Instance Property


A Boolean value indicating whether the left items are displayed in addition to the back button.


var leftItemsSupplementBackButton: Bool { get set }


Normally, the presence of custom left bar button items causes the back button to be removed in favor of the custom items. Setting this property to true causes the items in the leftBarButtonItems or leftBarButtonItem property to be displayed to the right of the back button—that is, they are displayed in addition to, and not instead of, the back button. When set to false, the items in those properties are displayed instead of the back button. The default value of this property is false.

The value in the hidesBackButton property still determines whether the back button is actually displayed.

See Also

Getting and Setting Properties

var prompt: String?

A single line of text displayed at the top of the navigation bar.

var backBarButtonItem: UIBarButtonItem?

The bar button item to use when a back button is needed on the navigation bar.

var hidesBackButton: Bool

A Boolean value that determines whether the back button is hidden.

func setHidesBackButton(Bool, animated: Bool)

Sets whether the back button is hidden, optionally animating the transition.