Instance Property


The navigation item’s title displayed in the navigation bar.


var title: String? { get set }


The default value is nil.

When the receiver is on the navigation item stack and is second from the top—in other words, its view controller manages the views that the user would navigate back to—the value in this property is used for the back button on the top-most navigation bar. If the value of this property is nil, the system uses the string “Back” as the text of the back button.In iOS 11 and later, the size and position of the title is determined by the prefersLargeTitles property of the navigation bar and the largeTitleDisplayMode property of the navigation item.

See Also

Configuring the Title

var largeTitleDisplayMode: UINavigationItem.LargeTitleDisplayMode

The mode to use when displaying the title of the navigation bar.

enum UINavigationItem.LargeTitleDisplayMode

Constants indicating how to size the title of this item.