Instance Property


The mode to use when displaying the title of the navigation bar.


var largeTitleDisplayMode: UINavigationItem.LargeTitleDisplayMode { get set }


When large titles are available, this property controls how the navigation bar displays the navigation item's title. The default value of this property is UINavigationItem.LargeTitleDisplayMode.automatic, which causes the title to use the same styling as the previously displayed navigation item. You can change the value of this property to force the navigation bar to display a large title (UINavigationItem.LargeTitleDisplayMode.always) or a small title (UINavigationItem.LargeTitleDisplayMode.never) for this item.

If the prefersLargeTitles property of the navigation bar is false, this property has no effect and the navigation item's title is always displayed as a small title.

See Also

Configuring the Title

var title: String?

The navigation item’s title displayed in the navigation bar.

enum UINavigationItem.LargeTitleDisplayMode

Constants indicating how to size the title of this item.