Defines a structure that specifies an amount to offset a position.


struct UIOffset


The components are positive for right or down, negative for left or up.

See also init(horizontal:vertical:) and zero.


Managing Offsets

func UIOffsetEqualToOffset(UIOffset, UIOffset) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether two offsets are equal.


Converting To and From Strings

class func string(for: UIOffset) -> String

Returns a string formatted to contain the data from an offset structure.

class func uiOffset(for: String) -> UIOffset

Returns a UIKit offset structure corresponding to the data in a given string.

Getting the Empty Offset Value

Instance Methods


See Also

Related Types

struct UIEdgeInsets

The inset distances for views.

struct NSDirectionalEdgeInsets

Edge insets that take language direction into account.

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