A control that displays a horizontal series of dots, each of which corresponds to a page in the app’s document or other data-model entity.


class UIPageControl : UIControl


For an example of a page control, see the Weather app when it's configured to display information for more than one location.

When a user taps a page control to move to the next or previous page, the control sends the valueChanged event for handling by the delegate. The delegate can then evaluate the currentPage property to determine the page to display. The page control advances only one page in either direction. The currently viewed page is indicated by a white dot. Depending on the device, a certain number of dots are displayed on the screen before they are clipped.


Managing the Page Navigation

var currentPage: Int

The current page, shown by the receiver as a white dot.

var numberOfPages: Int

The number of pages the receiver shows (as dots).

var hidesForSinglePage: Bool

A Boolean value that controls whether the page control is hidden when there is only one page.

Updating the Page Display

var pageIndicatorTintColor: UIColor?

The tint color to be used for the page indicator.

var currentPageIndicatorTintColor: UIColor?

The tint color to be used for the current page indicator.

var defersCurrentPageDisplay: Bool

A Boolean value that controls when the current page is displayed.

func updateCurrentPageDisplay()

Updates the page indicator to the current page.

Resizing the Control

func size(forNumberOfPages: Int) -> CGSize

Returns the size the receiver’s bounds should be to accommodate the given number of pages.

See Also


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