Instance Property


Returns the types of the first item on the pasteboard.


@property(nonatomic, readonly) NSArray<NSString *> *pasteboardTypes;

Return Value

An array of strings indicating the representation types of the first item on the pasteboard.


A type is frequently, but not necessarily, a UTI (Uniform Type Identifier). It identifies a representation of the data on the pasteboard. For example, a pasteboard item could hold image data under public.png and public.tiff representations. Apps can define their own types for custom data such as com.mycompany.myapp.mytype; however, in this case, only those apps that know of the type could understand the data written to the pasteboard.

With this method, you can determine if the pasteboard holds data of a particular representation type by a line of code such as this:

BOOL pngOnPasteboard = [[pasteboard pasteboardTypes] containsObject:@"public.png"];

Starting in iOS 10, you can directly check which data types are present on a pasteboard by using the convenience methods described in Checking for Data Types on a Pasteboard.

See Also

Determining Types of Single Pasteboard Items

- containsPasteboardTypes:

Returns whether the pasteboard holds data of the specified representation type.