Instance Property


The number of times the pasteboard’s contents have changed.


@property(readonly, nonatomic) NSInteger changeCount;


Whenever the contents of a pasteboard changes—specifically, when pasteboard items are added, modified, or removed—UIPasteboard increments the value of this property. After it increments the change count, UIPasteboard posts the notifications named UIPasteboardChangedNotification (for additions and modifications) and UIPasteboardRemovedNotification (for removals). These notifications include (in the userInfo dictionary) the types of the pasteboard items added or removed. Because UIPasteboard waits until the end of the current event loop before incrementing the change count, notifications can be batched. The class also updates the change count when an app reactivates and another app has changed the pasteboard contents. When users restart a device, the change count is reset to zero.

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