The interface that an object implements to declare its ability to accept specific data types for pasting and for drag and drop activities.


class UIPasteConfiguration : NSObject


Initializing a Paste Configuration


Initializes a new paste configuration.

init(acceptableTypeIdentifiers: [String])

Initializes a new paste configuration with a specified array of acceptable UTIs.

init(forAccepting: NSItemProviderReading.Type)

Initializes a new paste configuration with the UTIs declared as supported by a specified class.

Getting Acceptable Type Identifiers

var acceptableTypeIdentifiers: [String]

An array of UTI strings that specify the types accepted by the paste configuration.

Adding Acceptable Type Identifiers

func addAcceptableTypeIdentifiers([String])

Adds an array of UTI strings to a paste configuration, increasing the variety of types the paste configuration accepts.

func addTypeIdentifiers(forAccepting: NSItemProviderReading.Type)

Expands the array of accepted UTIs for a paste configuration, based on those declared as supported by a specified class.


Inherits From

See Also


class UIPasteboard

An object that helps a user share data from one place to another within your app, and from your app to other apps.

protocol UIPasteConfigurationSupporting

The interface that determines whether a responder object supports paste configuration.

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