The UIPopoverControllerDelegate protocol defines the methods you can implement for the delegate of a UIPopoverController object. Popover controllers notify their delegate whenever user interactions would cause the dismissal of the popover and, in some cases, give the user a chance to prevent that dismissal.


protocol UIPopoverControllerDelegate


For more information about the UIPopoverController class, see UIPopoverController.


Responding to Popover Position Changes

func popoverController(UIPopoverController, willRepositionPopoverTo: UnsafeMutablePointer<CGRect>, in: AutoreleasingUnsafeMutablePointer<UIView>)

Tells the delegate that the popover controller needs to change the popover’s location in its view.


Managing the Popover’s Dismissal

func popoverControllerShouldDismissPopover(UIPopoverController) -> Bool

Asks the delegate if the popover should be dismissed.

func popoverControllerDidDismissPopover(UIPopoverController)

Tells the delegate that the popover was dismissed.



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Deprecated Protocols

protocol UIViewControllerPreviewing

A set of methods that define the interface for configuring a previewing view controller on devices that support 3D Touch.

protocol UIViewControllerPreviewingDelegate

A set of methods used by the delegate to respond, with a preview view controller and a commit view controller, to the user pressing a view object on the screen of a device that supports 3D Touch.

protocol UIAccelerometerDelegate

The UIAccelerometerDelegate protocol defines a single method for receiving acceleration-related data from the system. Implementation of this method is optional, but expected.

protocol UIActionSheetDelegate

Important: UIActionSheetDelegate is deprecated in iOS 8. (Note that UIActionSheet is also deprecated.) To create and manage action sheets in iOS 8 and later, use UIAlertController.

protocol UIAlertViewDelegate

For apps that run in versions of iOS prior to iOS 8, the UIAlertViewDelegate protocol defines the methods a delegate of a UIAlertView object should implement. The delegate implements the button actions and any other custom behavior. Some of the methods defined in this protocol are optional.

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Important: UISearchDisplayDelegate is deprecated in iOS 8. (Note that UISearchDisplayController is also deprecated.) To manage the presentation of a search bar and display search results in iOS 8 and later, instead use UISearchControllerDelegate.