The methods of the UIPopoverPresentationControllerDelegate protocol let you customize the behavior of a popover-based presentation. A popover presentation controller notifies your delegate at appropriate points during the presentation process. You can use the delegate methods to customize this process and respond to changes dynamically.


protocol UIPopoverPresentationControllerDelegate


After defining an object that adopts this protocol, assign that object to the delegate property of a UIPopoverPresentationController object. You must present a view controller using the UIModalPresentationStyle.popover style before you can obtain such an object. For more information about popover presentation controllers, see UIPopoverPresentationController.


Presenting and Dismissing the Popover

func prepareForPopoverPresentation(UIPopoverPresentationController)

Notifies the delegate that the popover is about to be presented.

func popoverPresentationControllerDidDismissPopover(UIPopoverPresentationController)

Tells the delegate that the popover was dismissed.


See Also

Customizing the Popover Behavior

var delegate: UIPopoverPresentationControllerDelegate?

The delegate that handles popover-related messages.