Instance Property


Returns the presentation style to use when the presented view controller becomes horizontally compact.


@property(nonatomic, readonly) UIModalPresentationStyle adaptivePresentationStyle;

Return Value

The value provided by the presentation controller’s delegate or UIModalPresentationNone if a delegate was not provided or does not return a valid value.


After the content managed by the presentation controller is onscreen, this method returns the presentation style to use when transitioning to a horizontally compact environment. This method is not meant to be overridden. The implementation consults its delegate object and returns the value provided by that object’s adaptivePresentationStyleForPresentationController: method. Some system-supplied presentation controllers may also provide a new style that is more suited for a compact environment. For example, presentation controllers that manage popovers and form sheets return the UIModalPresentationFullScreen value.

This method only returns the presentation style to use in a horizontally compact environment. It does not initiate a transition to the new style. The system initiates the transition to the new style when the size class actually changes. When transitioning to a new style, the actual presentation controller object may change. As a result, do not cache the presentation controller object in your code. Always retrieve it from your view controller’s presentationController property.

In iOS 8.3 and later, UIKit calls the adaptivePresentationStyleForTraitCollection: method to retrieve presentation styles instead of this one.

See Also

Getting the Presentation Attributes


The presentation style of the presented view controller.

- adaptivePresentationStyleForTraitCollection:

Returns the presentation style to use for the specified set of traits.


A Boolean value indicating whether the presentation covers the entire screen.


A Boolean value indicating whether the presenting view controller’s view should be removed when the presentation animations finish.