A preview action, or peek quick action, that is displayed below a peek when a user swipes the peek upward.


class UIPreviewAction : NSObject


A peek quick action typically selects a deep link to your app and has a title, a style, and a handler. Peeks and peek quick actions are available on devices that support 3D Touch.


Creating a Peek Quick Action

init(title: String, style: UIPreviewAction.Style, handler: (UIPreviewAction, UIViewController) -> Void)

Creates a peek quick action using a specified title, style, and handler.

var handler: (UIPreviewActionItem, UIViewController) -> Void

The block called when the peek quick action is selected by the user.


enum UIPreviewAction.Style

The style for a peek quick action. Use these styles with instances of the UIPreviewAction and UIPreviewActionGroup classes.

See Also


protocol UIPreviewInteractionDelegate

A set of methods for communicating the progress of a preview interaction.

protocol UIPreviewActionItem

A set of methods that defines the styles you can apply to peek quick actions and peek quick action groups, and defines a read-only accessor for the user-visible title of a peek quick action.

class UIPreviewActionGroup

A group of one or more child quick actions, each an instance of the UIPreviewAction class.

class UIPreviewInteraction

A class that registers a view to provide a custom user experience in response to 3D Touch interactions.