Instance Method


Informs the delegate of the preview interaction's progress through the commit phase.


- (void)previewInteraction:(UIPreviewInteraction *)previewInteraction didUpdateCommitTransition:(CGFloat)transitionProgress ended:(BOOL)ended;



The preview interaction associated with the current user input


The progress through the commit phase of the transition. A CGFloat with a value from 0 to 1


A Boolean whose value indicates whether the commit phase of the transition is complete


This method is called repeatedly during the commit phase of the preview interaction. Use the supplied transitionProgress parameter to update the UI to reflect the progress of the interaction. For example, the pop effect in view controller preview transitions progressively increases the size of the child view controller as the transition progresses.

The ended parameter is false throughout the commit phase and becomes YES when the phase is completed. At this point, the preview interaction is complete, and you should update the UI appropriately. For example, in view controller preview interactions, the child view controller becomes the main view controller.

See Also

Preview Interaction Delegate Methods

- previewInteractionShouldBegin:

Asks the delegate whether a preview interaction is allowed to begin.

- previewInteraction:didUpdatePreviewTransition:ended:

Informs the delegate of the progress through the preview phase of the preview interaction.


- previewInteractionDidCancel:

Informs the delegate that the specified preview interaction was canceled.