Instance Property


The human-readable text describing the location of the printer.


var displayLocation: String? { get }


Many printers can be configured with a location string to reflect the printer’s physical location in an office. This property contains that location string or nil if no such string is available.

For printers you create yourself using the init(url:) method, the value of this property is nil until you successfully connect to the printer using the contactPrinter(_:) method.

See Also

Getting the Printer Information

var displayName: String

The human-readable printer name.

var makeAndModel: String?

A string containing the manufacturer’s name and the model name of the printer.

var supportedJobTypes: UIPrinter.JobTypes

The capabilities of the printer.

struct UIPrinter.JobTypes

Bit mask flags indicating the types of jobs that the printer supports.

var supportsColor: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the printer supports color printing.

var supportsDuplex: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the printer supports printing on both sides of a piece of paper.