Instance Property


The capabilities of the printer.


var supportedJobTypes: UIPrinter.JobTypes { get }


Job types indicate the types of operations you can perform with the printer. You might use this information when deciding whether or not to use a printer for a particular task. For example, a photo app might prevent a printer picker interface from displaying printers that do not support the photo job type.

For printers you create yourself using the init(url:) method, the value of this property is unknown until you successfully connect to the printer using the contactPrinter(_:) method.

See Also

Getting the Printer Information

var displayName: String

The human-readable printer name.

var displayLocation: String?

The human-readable text describing the location of the printer.

var makeAndModel: String?

A string containing the manufacturer’s name and the model name of the printer.

struct UIPrinter.JobTypes

Bit mask flags indicating the types of jobs that the printer supports.

var supportsColor: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the printer supports color printing.

var supportsDuplex: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the printer supports printing on both sides of a piece of paper.