A printer on the network.


class UIPrinter : NSObject


You use a printer object to obtain information about a printer so that you can display that information in your app’s interface. You do not use printer objects to communicate with the printer directly.

Most of the time, you use a UIPrinterPickerController object to retrieve a printer object representing the printer selected by the user. If you already have a URL containing the address of a printer—perhaps one that was previously selected by the user—you can use that URL to create a printer object directly. When creating your own printer objects, you must connect to the printer using the contactPrinter(_:) method before retrieving any of the printer’s attributes.


Creating a Printer Object

init(url: URL)

Creates and returns a printer with the specified location.

Getting the Printer’s Address

var url: URL

The full address of the printer.

Getting the Printer Information

var displayName: String

The human-readable printer name.

var displayLocation: String?

The human-readable text describing the location of the printer.

var makeAndModel: String?

A string containing the manufacturer’s name and the model name of the printer.

var supportedJobTypes: UIPrinter.JobTypes

The capabilities of the printer.

struct UIPrinter.JobTypes

Bit mask flags indicating the types of jobs that the printer supports.

var supportsColor: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the printer supports color printing.

var supportsDuplex: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the printer supports printing on both sides of a piece of paper.

Connecting to the Printer

func contactPrinter(((Bool) -> Void)?)

Connects to the printer and gathers information about its capabilities.


enum UIPrinter.CutterBehavior

Constants for specifying the cutter behavior of a roll-fed printer.


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Job Info

class UIPrintInfo

Information about a print job.

class UIPrintPaper

The size of paper used for a print job and the rectangle in which content can be printed.