Instance Property


Specifies the duplex mode to use for the print job.


var duplex: UIPrintInfo.Duplex { get set }


Some printers can print either duplex (double-sided) or single-sided. If double-sided is selected, a printer can either print flipping the back page along the long edge of the paper or along the short edge. The default option for duplex-capable printers is based on document type: single-sided (none) for photos, double-sided and long edge for other documents. If a printer is capable of duplex printing, a switch in the printing options allows users to toggle between single-side and double-sided printing. See the description of the UIPrintInfo.Duplex constants for more information.

See Also

Getting and Setting Print-Job Attributes

enum UIPrintInfo.Duplex

The duplex mode of a selected printer.

var jobName: String

The name of the print job.

var orientation: UIPrintInfo.Orientation

The orientation of the printed content, portrait or landscape.

enum UIPrintInfo.Orientation

The orientation of printing on a page.

var outputType: UIPrintInfo.OutputType

The kind of printable content.

enum UIPrintInfo.OutputType

The output type, which is an indication of the type of content the application is drawing or providing.

var printerID: String?

An identifier of the printer to use for the print job.