Instance Property


The kind of printable content.


var outputType: UIPrintInfo.OutputType { get set }


The output type can be general, photo, or grayscale. An application can set this property to a value thats appropriate to the printable content. The default is UIPrintInfo.OutputType.general. See the descriptions of the UIPrintInfo.OutputType constants for more information.

The output type controls the quality and default paper size used in printing. For example, if your application only prints black text, setting this property to UIPrintInfo.OutputType.grayscale can result in better performance in many cases. See UIPrintPaper for details.

See Also

Getting and Setting Print-Job Attributes

var duplex: UIPrintInfo.Duplex

Specifies the duplex mode to use for the print job.

enum UIPrintInfo.Duplex

The duplex mode of a selected printer.

var jobName: String

The name of the print job.

var orientation: UIPrintInfo.Orientation

The orientation of the printed content, portrait or landscape.

enum UIPrintInfo.Orientation

The orientation of printing on a page.

enum UIPrintInfo.OutputType

The output type, which is an indication of the type of content the application is drawing or providing.

var printerID: String?

An identifier of the printer to use for the print job.