Returns a print-information object that is initialized with the data in the passed-in dictionary.


init(dictionary: [AnyHashable : Any]?)



A dictionary that contains data to initialize the UIPrintInfo object with.

Return Value

An instance of UIPrintInfo or nil if the object could not be created.


You use the dictionary parameter to initialize a UIPrintInfo object with stored print-job information. Some applications might archive a previous UIPrintInfo object and use that for a future print job with this method.

You can later access the dictionary by calling the dictionaryRepresentation method on the UIPrintInfo object.

See Also

Creating a UIPrintInfo Object

class func printInfo() -> UIPrintInfo

Returns a print-information object initialized with default values.

var dictionaryRepresentation: [AnyHashable : Any]

Returns a dictionary representation of a print-information object.