Information about a print job.


class UIPrintInfo : NSObject


A UIPrintInfo object encapsulates information about a print job, including printer identifier, job name, output type (photo, normal, grayscale), orientation (portrait or landscape), and any selected duplex mode. This information is used by the printing system when it prints.

Typically you create a UIPrintInfo object and assign it to the printInfo property of the shared UIPrintInteractionController instance. However, it is not necessary to create a UIPrintInfo object for a print job; UIKit assumes certain defaults. In the printing-options user interface, users can select the printer, single-side or double-side printing for duplex printers, and (if the application allows it) a range of pages to print.


Creating a UIPrintInfo Object

class func printInfo() -> UIPrintInfo

Returns a print-information object initialized with default values.

init(dictionary: [AnyHashable : Any]?)

Returns a print-information object that is initialized with the data in the passed-in dictionary.

var dictionaryRepresentation: [AnyHashable : Any]

Returns a dictionary representation of a print-information object.

Getting and Setting Print-Job Attributes

var duplex: UIPrintInfo.Duplex

Specifies the duplex mode to use for the print job.

enum UIPrintInfo.Duplex

The duplex mode of a selected printer.

var jobName: String

The name of the print job.

var orientation: UIPrintInfo.Orientation

The orientation of the printed content, portrait or landscape.

enum UIPrintInfo.Orientation

The orientation of printing on a page.

var outputType: UIPrintInfo.OutputType

The kind of printable content.

enum UIPrintInfo.OutputType

The output type, which is an indication of the type of content the application is drawing or providing.

var printerID: String?

An identifier of the printer to use for the print job.


Inherits From

See Also

Job Info

class UIPrinter

A printer on the network.

class UIPrintPaper

The size of paper used for a print job and the rectangle in which content can be printed.