Instance Property


An array of ready-to-print objects.


var printingItems: [Any]? { get set }


The array must contain NSURL, NSData, UIImage, or ALAsset objects in any combination. Objects of the first two types must reference or contain image data or PDF data. NSURL objects must use the file: or assets-library: scheme or any scheme that can return an NSData object with a registered protocol. Image data (including that encapsulated by UIImage and ALAsset objects) must be in a format supported by the Image I/O framework; see Figure 2 in UIImage for more information. An ALAsset object must be of type ALAssetTypePhoto. Items are printed in array-index order. The array is released at the end of the print job. The default value is nil.

If you set this property, UIPrintInteractionController sets the printingItem, printPageRenderer, and printFormatter properties to nil. (Only one of these properties can be set for a print job.)

If this property is set, the printing options do not include the control for selecting a page range, even if the showsPageRange property is set to true. If you want page-range selection, you should use the printingItem property instead.

See Also

Providing the Source of Printable Content

var printingItem: Any?

A single ready-to-print object.

var printPageRenderer: UIPrintPageRenderer?

An object that draws pages of printable content when requested by UIKit.

var printFormatter: UIPrintFormatter?

An object that lays out the content of pages based on the kind of content.