Instance Method


Print directly to the specified printer.


func print(to printer: UIPrinter, completionHandler completion: UIPrintInteractionController.CompletionHandler? = nil) -> Bool



The printer to use for printing. You can obtain a list of available printers using a UIPrinterPickerController object.


The block to execute when the print operation finishes.

Return Value

true if printing was successful or false if there was a problem.


This method starts the print job and displays the printing progress indicator to the user. This method associates the current printing information (available in the printInfo property) with the job but disables duplex printing. Upon completion of the print job, the print interaction controller executes the block in the completion parameter.

See Also

Printing Directly to a Printer

typealias UIPrintInteractionController.CompletionHandler

The type of block callback for responding to the completion of a print job or handing printing errors.