Type Alias


The type of block callback for responding to the completion of a print job or handing printing errors.


typealias CompletionHandler = (UIPrintInteractionController, Bool, Error?) -> Void


You implement this block as the final argument of present(animated:completionHandler:), present(from:animated:completionHandler:), or present(from:in:animated:completionHandler:). When a print job concludes, you can reset any state set up for printing and do related housekeeping tasks. If the print job encountered an error, it is likely to be a programming error, so you might want to log the error for debugging purposes.


The shared instance of UIPrintInteractionController that is managing the print job.


A Boolean value that indicates whether the print job completed successfully.


An instance of the NSError that contains information about the printing error. The printing domain is UIPrintErrorDomain. The printing error codes are described in UIKit Printing Error Codes. If the print job completes successfully, this parameter is nil.

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