A set of methods implemented by the delegate of the UIPrintInteractionController shared instance to perform a number of optional tasks.


protocol UIPrintInteractionControllerDelegate


If the application has special requirements for content sizes, it can implement printInteractionController(_:choosePaper:) to return a UIPrintPaper object encapsulating the page size and the printing area to use for a print job. If you want more control of the presentation of the printing options, the delegate can return a view controller that owns the printing-options view in an implementation of printInteractionControllerParentViewController(_:). The delegate can also implement methods that are invoked when the printing user interface is presented and when it is dismissed, and when the print job begins and ends.


Returning a Parent View Controller

func printInteractionControllerParentViewController(UIPrintInteractionController) -> UIViewController?

Returns a parent view controller for managing the printing-options view.

Choosing a Paper Size for the Print Job

func printInteractionController(UIPrintInteractionController, choosePaper: [UIPrintPaper]) -> UIPrintPaper

Asks the delegate for an object encapsulating the paper size and printing area to use for the print job.

Responding to the Presentation and Dismissal of the Printing Interface

func printInteractionControllerWillPresentPrinterOptions(UIPrintInteractionController)

Tells the delegate that the printing-options user interface is about to be displayed.

func printInteractionControllerDidPresentPrinterOptions(UIPrintInteractionController)

Tells the delegate that the printing-options user interface has just been presented.

func printInteractionControllerWillDismissPrinterOptions(UIPrintInteractionController)

Tells the delegate that the printing-options user interface will be dismissed.

func printInteractionControllerDidDismissPrinterOptions(UIPrintInteractionController)

Tells the delegate that the printer user interface is being dismissed.

Responding to the Start and End of a Print Job

func printInteractionControllerWillStartJob(UIPrintInteractionController)

Tells the delegate that the print job is about to start.

func printInteractionControllerDidFinishJob(UIPrintInteractionController)

Tells the delegate that the print job has ended.


enum UIPrinter.CutterBehavior

Constants for specifying the cutter behavior of a roll-fed printer.


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Assigning the Delegate

var delegate: UIPrintInteractionControllerDelegate?

The delegate of the print interaction controller.