A set of methods implemented by the delegate of the UIPrintInteractionController shared instance to perform a number of optional tasks.


If the application has special requirements for content sizes, it can implement printInteractionController(_:choosePaper:) to return a UIPrintPaper object encapsulating the page size and the printing area to use for a print job. If you want more control of the presentation of the printing options, the delegate can return a view controller that owns the printing-options view in an implementation of printInteractionControllerParentViewController(_:). The delegate can also implement methods that are invoked when the printing user interface is presented and when it is dismissed, and when the print job begins and ends.


Returning a Parent View Controller

func printInteractionControllerParentViewController(UIPrintInteractionController)

Returns a parent view controller for managing the printing-options view.

Choosing a Paper Size for the Print Job

func printInteractionController(UIPrintInteractionController, choosePaper: [UIPrintPaper])

Asks the delegate for an object encapsulating the paper size and printing area to use for the print job.

func printInteractionController(UIPrintInteractionController, cutLengthFor: UIPrintPaper)

Asks the delegate for a length to use when cutting the page.

func printInteractionController(UIPrintInteractionController, chooseCutterBehavior: [Any])

Asks the delegate for the cutter behavior to use for the print job.

Responding to the Presentation and Dismissal of the Printing Interface

func printInteractionControllerWillPresentPrinterOptions(UIPrintInteractionController)

Tells the delegate that the printing-options user interface is about to be displayed.

func printInteractionControllerDidPresentPrinterOptions(UIPrintInteractionController)

Tells the delegate that the printing-options user interface has just been presented.

func printInteractionControllerWillDismissPrinterOptions(UIPrintInteractionController)

Tells the delegate that the printing-options user interface will be dismissed.

func printInteractionControllerDidDismissPrinterOptions(UIPrintInteractionController)

Tells the delegate that the printer user interface is being dismissed.

Responding to the Start and End of a Print Job

func printInteractionControllerWillStartJob(UIPrintInteractionController)

Tells the delegate that the print job is about to start.

func printInteractionControllerDidFinishJob(UIPrintInteractionController)

Tells the delegate that the print job has ended.


enum UIPrinterCutterBehavior

Constants for specifying the cutter behavior of a roll-fed printer.


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class UIPrintInteractionController

A printing user interface that manages the printing of documents, images, and other printable content in iOS.

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