Instance Method


Returns a parent view controller for managing the printing-options view.


optional func printInteractionControllerParentViewController(_ printInteractionController: UIPrintInteractionController) -> UIViewController?



The shared instance of UIPrintInteractionController that is managing the print job.

Return Value

The view controller that is to be the parent of the print-interaction controller managing the printing-options view. Return nil for the standard presentation behavior.


This method allows an application to present the print-options view from a view controller of their own choosing. The parent view controller returned must be a UIViewController object, such as a UINavigationController object or a generic view controller. A common strategy for embedding is to create a UINavigationController object as the content view controller (contentViewController property) of a UIPopoverController object and return that. UIKit can push the returned view controller onto the stack if its parent is a navigation controller or present it modally if it isn’t.

This method is invoked in any of the present... methods of the UIPrintInteractionController class (for example, present(animated:completionHandler:)).

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