Instance Method


Asks the delegate for the cutter behavior to use for the print job.


optional func printInteractionController(_ printInteractionController: UIPrintInteractionController, chooseCutterBehavior availableBehaviors: [Any]) -> UIPrinter.CutterBehavior



The shared instance of UIPrintInteractionController that is managing the print job.


An array of NSNumber objects identifying the printer’s available cutter behaviors. Each number corresponds to one of the constants defined in UIPrinter.CutterBehavior.

Return Value

The cutter behavior to use for the print job. The value must correspond to one of the constants in the availableBehaviors parameter.


Some roll-fed printers support different options for cutting the paper. If you implement this method in your delegate, then it may be called during a print job. Your delegate method should determine when to make cuts and return the appropriate value.

See Also

Choosing a Paper Size for the Print Job

func printInteractionController(UIPrintInteractionController, choosePaper: [UIPrintPaper]) -> UIPrintPaper

Asks the delegate for an object encapsulating the paper size and printing area to use for the print job.