Instance Method


Asks the delegate for a length to use when cutting the page.


optional func printInteractionController(_ printInteractionController: UIPrintInteractionController, cutLengthFor paper: UIPrintPaper) -> CGFloat



The shared instance of UIPrintInteractionController that is managing the print job.


A UIPrintPaper that specifies the maximum physical and printable areas of the page.

Return Value

The physical length of the page in points.


Some printers can cut a roll of print paper at a particular length. If you implement this method in your delegate, then it may be called during a print job. Your delegate should determine the length in which the content fits and return this value. When printed, the paper will be cut to this length.

See Also

Choosing a Paper Size for the Print Job

func printInteractionController(UIPrintInteractionController, choosePaper: [UIPrintPaper]) -> UIPrintPaper

Asks the delegate for an object encapsulating the paper size and printing area to use for the print job.