Instance Method


Adds a print formatter to the page renderer starting at the specified page.


func addPrintFormatter(_ formatter: UIPrintFormatter, startingAtPageAt pageIndex: Int)



The UIPrintFormatter object to add to the page renderer. A print formatter can be an instance of UISimpleTextPrintFormatter, UIMarkupTextPrintFormatter, or UIViewPrintFormatter.


The index identifying the first page with which the print formatter should be associated with. This value overrides the startPage property of the print formatter.


You can dissociate a print formatter from its page renderer by calling the removeFromPrintPageRenderer() method on the print formatter.

See Also

Managing Print Formatters

func printFormattersForPage(at: Int) -> [UIPrintFormatter]?

Returns the print formatters associated with a specified page.

var printFormatters: [UIPrintFormatter]?

The print formatters associated with the page renderer.