Instance Method


Returns the print formatters associated with a specified page.


func printFormattersForPage(at pageIndex: Int) -> [UIPrintFormatter]?



The index of a page of printable content.

Return Value

An array of UIPrintFormatter objects. A print formatter can be an instance of UISimpleTextPrintFormatter, UIMarkupTextPrintFormatter, or UIViewPrintFormatter.


A print formatter is associated with a starting page of printable content through the addPrintFormatter(_:startingAtPageAt:) method or the startPage property of UIPrintFormatter. The number of pages from that page is determined by the pageCount property, which UIPrintFormatter computes based on layout metrics and content.

See Also

Managing Print Formatters

func addPrintFormatter(UIPrintFormatter, startingAtPageAt: Int)

Adds a print formatter to the page renderer starting at the specified page.

var printFormatters: [UIPrintFormatter]?

The print formatters associated with the page renderer.