Instance Method


Overridden to add custom drawing to the drawing provided by a given print formatter for a page.


- (void)drawPrintFormatter:(UIPrintFormatter *)printFormatter forPageAtIndex:(NSInteger)pageIndex;



A UIPrintFormatter object associated with page index.


The index of the page in which printFormatter is to draw.


This method is invoked for each print formatter assigned to the specified page. The default implementation invokes the drawInRect:forPageAtIndex: method of the UIPrintFormatter object that is passed in. You can override this method to intermix custom drawing with the formatter drawing—for example, by adding an overlay or underlay graphic. Call drawInRect:forPageAtIndex: to have the print formatter draw its portion of the page. The method is set up for drawing to the current graphics context (as returned by UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext).

See Also

Drawing a Page

- drawPageAtIndex:inRect:

Overridden to draw a given page of content for the printer.

- drawHeaderForPageAtIndex:inRect:

Overridden to draw the header of the given page.

- drawContentForPageAtIndex:inRect:

Overridden to draw the content of the given page.

- drawFooterForPageAtIndex:inRect:

Overridden to draw the footer of the given page.