Instance Method


Updates the state of the given user activity.


- (void)updateUserActivityState:(NSUserActivity *)activity;



The user activity to be updated.


Subclasses override this method to update the state of the given user activity. You should add state representing the user's activity into the NSUserActivity object using its addUserInfoEntriesFromDictionary: method. When the state is dirty, you should set the needsSave property of the NSUserActivity to YES, and this method will be called at an appropriate time.

When an NSUserActivity object managed by UIKit is updated, an empty userInfo dictionary is given to the NSUserActivity object, and all of the objects associated with the NSUserActivity are then sent an updateUserActivityState: message.

See Also

Supporting User Activities


An object encapsulating a user activity supported by this responder.

- restoreUserActivityState:

Restores the state needed to continue the given user activity.