Instance Property


The text input mode for this responder object.


var textInputMode: UITextInputMode? { get }


The text input mode identifies the language and keyboard displayed when this responder is active.

For responders, the system normally displays a keyboard that is based on the user’s language preferences. You can redefine this property and use it to return a different text input mode in cases where you want a responder to use a specific keyboard. The user can still change the keyboard while the responder is active, but switching away to another responder and then back restores the keyboard you specified.

See Also

Managing the Text Input Mode

var textInputContextIdentifier: String?

An identifier signifying that the responder should preserve its text input mode information.

class func clearTextInputContextIdentifier(String)

Clears text input mode information from the app’s user defaults.

var inputAssistantItem: UITextInputAssistantItem

The input assistant to use when configuring the keyboard’s shortcuts bar.