A set of standard methods that apps can adopt to support editing.


protocol UIResponderStandardEditActions


Responder objects can implement the methods of this protocol to handle standard editing-related actions. For example, a UIMenuController object reports editing actions using these methods. The menu controller then asks UIKit to search the responder chain for an object that implements the appropriate method, calling the method on the first object that implements it.


Handling Copy, Cut, Paste, and Delete Commands

func cut(Any?)

Removes the selected content and writes the data for it to the pasteboard.

func copy(Any?)

Copies the selected content to the pasteboard.

func paste(Any?)

Pastes the current contents of the pasteboard into your app's interface.

func delete(Any?)

Removes the selected content from your interface.

Handling Selection Commands

func select(Any?)

Selects the content in your responder.

func selectAll(Any?)

Selects all of the content in the current responder.

Handling Styled Text Editing

func toggleBoldface(Any?)

Toggles the bold style information of the selected text.

func toggleItalics(Any?)

Toggles the italic style information of the selected text.

func toggleUnderline(Any?)

Toggles the underline style information of the selected text.

Handling Writing Direction Changes

func makeTextWritingDirectionLeftToRight(Any?)

Change the writing direction to left-to-right.

func makeTextWritingDirectionRightToLeft(Any?)

Change the writing direction to right-to-left.

Handling Size Changes

func increaseSize(Any?)

Increase the size of the current object by one unit.

func decreaseSize(Any?)

Decrease the size of the current object by one unit.

Handling Other Text Formatting Changes


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Inline Edit Menus

class UIMenuController

The menu interface for the Cut, Copy, Paste, Select, Select All, and Delete commands.

class UIMenuItem

A custom item in the editing menu managed by the menu controller.