An object containing information you want the system to use when activating the session associated with a scene.


class ActivationRequestOptions : NSObject


Create a UIScene.ActivationRequestOptions object before you activate or create a scene using the requestSceneSessionActivation(_:userActivity:options:errorHandler:) method of UIApplication. Use this object to specify which of your app's existing scenes originated the request for the new scene.


Specifying the Originator of the Request

var requestingScene: UIScene?

The scene object that requested the activation of a different scene.


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Activation and Destruction

class UISceneActivationConditions

The set of conditions that define when UIKit activates the current scene.

class UIWindowSceneDestructionRequestOptions

An object containing information to use when removing a window scene from your app.

class UISceneDestructionRequestOptions

An object you pass to UIKit when you want to permanently remove a scene and its associated session from your app.


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