Global Variable


A notification indicating that the scene is now onscreen and responding to user events.


const NSNotificationName UISceneDidActivateNotification;


Use this notification to prepare your scene to be onscreen. UIKit posts this notification after loading the interface for your scene, but before that interface appears onscreen. Use it to refresh the contents of views, start timers, or increase frame rates for your UI. UIKit places the scene object in the object property of the notification.

UIKit also calls the sceneDidBecomeActive: method of your scene delegate object.

For more information on what to do when your app becomes active, see Preparing Your UI to Run in the Foreground.

See Also

Responding to Life Cycle Notifications


A notification indicating that UIKit added a scene to your app.


A notification indicating that UIKit removed a scene from your app.


A notification indicating that a scene is about to begin running in the foreground and become visible to the user.


A notification indicating that the scene is about to resign the active state and stop responding to user events.


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