An object that coordinates the creation of PDF screenshots of your window's content.


class UIScreenshotService : NSObject


When the user takes a screenshot of your app's content, you work with a UIScreenshotService object to provide a PDF version of that screenshot. You do not create a UIScreenshotService object directly. Instead, you retrieve the object from the screenshotService property of your window scene and assign a delegate to it. When the user takes a screenshot, UIKit asks your delegate for the PDF data.

For information about how to provide the PDF data, see UIScreenshotServiceDelegate.


Responding to Screenshot Requests

var delegate: UIScreenshotServiceDelegate?

The custom object you use to provide PDF data for a screenshot.

protocol UIScreenshotServiceDelegate

Methods you use to generate PDF data that accompanies a user-requested screenshot.

Getting the Current Scene

var windowScene: UIWindowScene?

The window scene that contains the windows to capture in your PDF data.


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