Instance Property


A Boolean value that controls whether touches in the content view always lead to tracking.


@property(nonatomic) BOOL canCancelContentTouches;


If the value of this property is YES and a view in the content has begun tracking a finger touching it, and if the user drags the finger enough to initiate a scroll, the view receives a touchesCancelled:withEvent: message and the scroll view handles the touch as a scroll. If the value of this property is NO, the scroll view does not scroll regardless of finger movement once the content view starts tracking.

See Also

Managing Touches

- touchesShouldBegin:withEvent:inContentView:

Overridden by subclasses to customize the default behavior when a finger touches down in displayed content.

- touchesShouldCancelInContentView:

Returns whether to cancel touches related to the content subview and start dragging.


A Boolean value that determines whether the scroll view delays the handling of touch-down gestures.


The underlying gesture recognizer for directional button presses.